Winning Type Design

I was thrilled to attend a traveling exhibit supporting and promoting excellence in typography!  I’ve never seen so many inspiring and creative images. Hats off to the excellent students and designers.  The Type Directors Club regularly hosts design competitions and are recognized as the organization that represents the best in today’s  type design and type use. These shows are an invaluable resource for designers, scholars, and the general public.  To find out more about the Type Director’s Club, check out the link


Winning Posters in type design


Life- Love- Home -Time;  Category: Experimental/Fine Art

Simple but powerful poster for Museum of Modern Art


Fukt #14 Magazine for Contemporary Drawing; Category:  Book Jacket/Cover

Mohawk Show Reminder Service; Category: Mix Series

Verlag Bold and custom forms made from images of human fingers and bent metal strips; Category: Poster

Jazz Festival Poster