“Ms. Miller was hired to examine signatures in a complex estate case involving allegations of forgery. Ms. Miller was thorough, organized and communicated concepts and information to the jury well.  Her testimony was undoubtedly a factor in obtaining a favorable verdict for our client.”

-Kurt F. Ellison, Michael Best & Friedrich, LLP

“Meredith Miller is accomplished, resourceful, and deeply knowledgeable about her craft. Working with her was always pleasant, highly professional, and most important: valuable. She’s confident, careful, and impassioned, too, and knows how to make a real difference in her work.”

-Thomas Gasparoli, Award-winning journalist and writer of the Pursuit podcast

“We engaged Ms. Meredith DeKalb Miller to evaluate an allegation of signature-forgery in a lawsuit.  Her evaluation was technically superb and not predetermined, which proved helpful against the opposing party’s forgery witness, who had presumed a forgery prior to conducting his evaluation.  A jury granted a verdict for our client on the opponent’s forgery allegation.  I highly recommend Ms. Miller to anyone who is interested in engaging an exceptional expert in the field of forensic document analysis.”

-Matthew Koehler, Principal at Brown & James Law Firm, St. Louis, MO

“The Judge held in our favor on all issues and gave us everything we requested.  The defendant received no credence or relief from the Court.  I am sure that your analysis of the documents and your objective testimony in the case went a long way toward the Court’s conclusion that the defendant could not be believed.  Thank you for your assistance in this matter.”

-James Cole, Wasinger Daming, LC,  Attorneys at Law, St. Louis, MO

“I was very impressed with your presentation. Thank you for taking the time and speaking to our group. I hope you don’t mind but I’ve passed your information on to the “Quad Cities Council of Police Chiefs”.  I think you would be very beneficial to them.”

-Susan R. Shaffer, Assistant Vice President, BSA & Security Officer, Quad City Bank and Trust