Forensic Services

Meredith DeKalb Miller offers forensic document examination services to meet the needs of all clients. Our services include the analysis, comparison, and evaluation of documentary evidence to determine origin or authenticity, customized training in forensic science, expert witness capabilities, and capacity building for forensic science laboratories.

Document Examination

For document examination services, a written or verbal report is communicated based on the needs of each client. Expert testimony explaining and demonstrating the results of each examination will be provided in a professional manner, if needed, along with depositions and litigation support.

To provide the best possible service, it is highly recommended that clients seek professional representation through an attorney. Should you wish to proceed with a document examination, your attorney should contact our office to begin the review process.

forensic document examiner
The range of non-destructive forensic document examinations include:
  • handwriting, hand printing and signature examinations
  • detection of alterations, additions, deletions, and substitutions
  • detection of counterfeits
  • decipherments of erasures and/or obliterated text
  • restoration of water-soaked, charred, stained, or torn documents
  • ink and paper comparison
  • faded writing
  • paper watermarks and security features
  • fracture matches
  • shredded document restoration
  • paper edge examination
  • sequence of entry determinations
  • forgeries
  • printing examinations
  • ultraviolet/infrared analysis
  • inkjet/laser/photocopier examinations
  • document dating
  • bindings, staple holes, and paper clip markings
  • detection and analysis of indented writing
  • rubber stamps
  • typewriting examinations
  • document authentication

Retainer Pricing and Agreement

The minimum retainer pricing begins at $2000 USD. This covers 5 hours of examination time which is the minimum time spent on the simplest cases. Anything exceeding the 5 hour retainer is charged at $400/hour.

A standart retainer agreement will be issued to all clients before examinations commence to ensure all services and expenses are transparent. Please be assure this pricing is comparable to other highly trained government experts.

Meredith Dekalb Miller strives to meet client demands by providing quality professional service in every phase of interaction

forensic document examiner

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