Meredith DeKalb Miller provides expertise in the analysis of questioned document cases, writing expert reports, preparing demonstrative evidence and delivering expert witness testimony with over 18 years of experience.

Serving as a Supervisory Document Examiner with the FBI Laboratory,  Ms. Miller is the only private document examiner certified by the FBI Laboratory.

 Working extensively in the United States and abroad, Ms. Miller has analyzed hundreds of questioned document cases and delivered expert testimony in federal and state courts.

    • Earned a Master’s degree in Forensic Science
    •  Received extensive training and successfully completed a full-time two-year training program with the Questioned Document Unit of the FBI Laboratory.
    • Serves as a member of the Questioned Document Section of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.
    • Contracted with the Department of Justice as an international trainer and document expert
    • Working as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) with the FBI Laboratory on empirical research in the field of questioned documents.

Forensic Documents Examination Services

  • Meredith can assist attorneys, businesses and private citizens with a forensic document examination providing written and oral reports. Questioned documents may include: wills, deeds, medical records, income tax records, insurance claims, nuptial agreements, land records, time sheets, contracts, loan agreements, election petitions, checks, and anonymous letters.

    Attorneys will benefit from Meredith’s extensive education, training, and various casework. She can provide attorneys with extensive research capabilities effective in creating direct examination and cross-examination questions. She also provides litigation support and testimony as an expert witness. Meredith provides trial exhibits, presentations, witness preparation, affidavits, and pretrial conferences.

    Service Provided to
    Attorney/Law Firms
  • Meredith can assist businesses such as: banks, insurance companies, title agencies, investigative and security firms, loss prevention specialists, private investigators and media services in private investigations.

    Should the need arise to go to court, she provides litigation support and testimony as an expert witness. Clients feel comfortable knowing she has extensive federal and state experience in the courts.

    Services Provided to
  • Meredith can assist various international government agencies in the creation of governmental forensic document examination facilities.  Services include: establishing handwriting analysis services, designing the laboratory, assisting in accreditation, developing methodologies,  writing various policy and procedures manuals, management training and gap analysis.  Meredith will additionally provide assessments and give valuable recommendations for the laboratory.

    Services Provided to
    Government Agencies