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    Please contact us before any documentary evidence is submitted.

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    • [fa type=”fa fa-envelope” fixedwidth=”true” color=”#444″] Email: meredith@dekalbmiller.com
    • [fa type=”fa fa-globe” fixedwidth=”true” color=”#444″] Website: dekalbmiller.com
    • [fa type=”fa fa-phone” fixedwidth=”true” color=”#444″] Phone: +1 (312) 343-9902
    • [fa type=”fa fa-skype” fixedwidth=”true” color=”#444″] Skype: meredithmiller2915



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    Meredith maintains a frequent travel schedule.

    To best serve new and existing clients, please email her at meredith@dekalbmiller.com;  Skype her at meredithmiller2915;  call +1 (312) 343-9902 and kindly leave a message or please leave a message on this page.

    Meredith DeKalb Miller accepts cases within the U.S. and worldwide.

    Documentary evidence should be mailed using a trackable carrier (Federal Express or DHL).

    We cannot accept cases by fax.