To my Valued Clients!

To my valued clients, we have touched base by exchanging emails, phone calls or I was hired as an expert for your case.  Thank you for choosing me and I hope I was of assistance. Thus, you are receiving my inaugural newsletter to share forensic news, highlight interesting cases, and will get a sneak peek at my calendar moving forward in what appears to be an extremely busy New Year!

But first, a look back at the top 5 professional highlights from 2018:

#1 TESTIFYING:  Since May 2018, I testified five times in Chicago, St. Louis (twice), Wisconsin and New Orleans.  A record number in such a short period of time.  Please research your experts!  In a number of these cases, an opposing expert was hired but lacked the necessary credentials to make them effective witnesses.  Word of mouth and expert referral sites are the way forward!

#2 AMERICAN ACADEMY OF FORENSIC SCIENCES:  As a member of the oldest forensic science organization, I volunteered for a newly created committee focusing on Outreach and Diversity of new members.  We hope to bring new ideas and initiatives to make our international guests feels welcome at one of the biggest professional forensic meetings in North America in 2019.  If you’ve been successful in integrating international guests, spouses, and students at professional meetings and conferences, please send me an email.  I’d love to hear your ideas!

#3 FBI LABORATORY: I am part of a team of FBI scientists conducting the FBI Laboratory Handwriting Examiner Decision Analysis Study.  This is a study aimed to review the reliability and accuracy of forensic document examiner’s conclusions.  Published results will be made available in the upcoming year!

#4 CASEWORK:  One of my favorite parts about my job includes the variety of cases: signature exams, facsimiles, photocopiers, font comparisons, and much more.  If a document is very important in some facet of your life (i.e. mortgage documents, rental agreements, contracts, invoices) use your smartphone to record the signing process!

#5 CLIENTS:  Last but not least, my clients and attorneys that hired me to examine their cases. While not all of you received the news you may have been seeking, I approach every case with transparency and it remains my commitment to give each and every one of you my full attention, making you aware of possible limitations within the field.

Thank you for taking the time to read the inaugural newsletter.  I hope to bring you updates for services, courses, examinations, and training opportunities in the New Year!  If you have a question or comment about forensics or questioned documents, please do not hesitate to ask.   Check out my Facebook Page and let me know what you think!