Meredith DeKalb Miller & Associates provides comprehensive experience in forensic document examination, consulting, and international training. We offer a global perspective in finding a unique solution to your case, problem or training needs. With over fifteen years of experience in the international forensic science community, we feel confidant that we can provide quality service in an efficient and honest manner to meet your needs.

About Meredith


1 Meredith received her B.A. from Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO in 1992 and her Master's in Forensic Science from the George

Testimony and Court Decisions

2 Meredith provides expert witness testimony in criminal and civil cases. A current list of testimonies is provided below. TESTIMONY EXPERIENCE: U.S. v. Martinez, No.

CV for Meredith Miller

3 Meredith DeKalb Miller, M.F.S. EDUCATION B.A. Social Sciences. Colorado State University. 1992 M.F.S. Forensic Science, George Washington University. 1998 EXPERIENCE Meredith DeKalb Miller & Associates,

Continuing Education

4 Continuing education is an important part of Meredith's expertise.  She has attended the following workshops, seminars, and professional conferences: 2008     American